Monday, May 11, 2015


Keybot the Quant remains long. Three numbers printed today as the utilities were dancing above and below the UTIL 582.62 bull-bear danger line. UTIL finishes at 580.31 in the bear camp causing broad market negativity. The bulls must push UTIL back above 582.62 to float the stock market higher. The bears must push RTH under 76.37 (now at 76.44 only 7 pennies away) to create further negativity in equities. If RTH drops under 76.37 and the SPX drops under 2104.50, and both remain under, Keybot will likely flip short. Since these two paramaters may turn bearish very easily, the imminent turn notation is displayed in the title line above. The bears have it set up on a silver platter if they want it. Semiconductors are creating stock market upside but SOX under 700 will create market negativity (now at 702).

For the SPX at 2105, the bears need less than one point lower, to push under 2104.50 and boom, the downside will accelerate several handles with price under 2100 very quickly. Watch to see if the bears can muster up one negative point in the S&P futures overnight. The bulls need to touch the 2118 handle to accelerate the upside well into the 2120's and set new record highs. A move through 2105-2117 is sideways action for Tuesday.

5/15/15; 10:00 AM EST =
5/11/15; 2:02 PM EST = +65; signal line is +50
5/11/15; 1:29 PM EST = +81; signal line is +49
5/11/15; 12:25 PM EST = +65; signal line is +48
5/10/15; 7:00 PM EST = +81; signal line is +47

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