Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Keybot the Quant is short but the algo number is only seven points from the signal line as the bulls fight back today. The algo prints four numbers. RTH is in the bull camp creating market upside. UTIL lost 572.36 which opened up a trap door and potential market collapse, however, retail stocks (RTH) were in the bull camp delaying the negativity. This is when money came flooding into the utes to prop up the sector; the bulls knew they had lost it and it meant serious trouble. UTIL ramped higher and did not look back moving above 579.07 the upper bull-bear level of importance which creates bullishness for stocks. The plunge protection team saved the day.

Bears need to push UTIL back under 579.07 as soon as possible. Bulls need to push volatility lower, the VIX under 19.18, which will signal the all-clear for the upside stock market rally and Keybot will likely flip long. UTIL 579.07 and VIX 19.18 are telling the broad market directional story right now.

UTIL is at 581.46 (causing bullishness in the stock market) and VIX at 19.66 (causing bearishness) with about 20 minutes remaining in Tuesday's regular trading session. One of these two parameters will flinch.

1/10/16; 7:00 PM EST =
1/8/16; 9:00 AM EST =
1/5/16; 1:47 PM EST = -8; signal line is -1
1/5/16; 10:40 AM EST = -24; signal line is +0
1/5/16; 9:53 AM EST = -40; signal line is +1
1/5/16; 9:36 AM EST = -24; signal line is +3
1/4/16; 11:34 AM EST = -40; signal line is +5

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