Friday, January 13, 2012


Keybot the Quant remains long after the pre-scheduled number prints minutes ago, resulting in no change to the algorithm.  Markets are experiencing early weakness and the 1285 level was lost.  Surprisinigly, this did not usher in the downside drop to test 1281 quickly, but, it is likely that price will test 1281 since 1285 was lost today.  Remember, 1281 is a critical level, if lost, the broad markets will display substantial negativity. Stay on guard.

1/15/12; 7:00 PM EST =
1/13/12; 10:00 AM EST = +36; signal line is +21
1/12/12; 11:01 AM EST = +36; signal line is +21
1/11/12; 12:15 PM EST = +50; signal line is +20

Note Added 1/13/12 at 10:16 AM:  As the above message was posted, SPX is now testing 1281. Hold on folks, this is a major dealio right now. The market bulls will recover today if the 1281 is held If 1281 is lost, today will turn very ugly and Keybot may itch to make a move to the short side.

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