Saturday, January 30, 2021

President Trump's Final 80 Days: The Real-Time 80-Day Chronology of the Historic 2020 US Presidential Election, Biden Win, Trump Loss, Georgia Runoffs, Capitol Hill Riot, Impeachment & Inauguration 11-2-20 through 1-20-21

President Trump's Final 80 Days

The 80-day period between the US 2020 presidential election and the inauguration is the most extraordinary period in American history in decades. Relive the drama in real-time from Election Eve through Inauguration Day 11/2/20 through 1/20/21. What a crazy ride. Feel the wind in your hair. Experience the daily zeitgeist.

This is not boring revisionist history telling; it is the real-time daily raw political action unfolding in front of your face. After four days of vote counting drama, President Biden wins the election on 11/7/20 and is named 46th POTUS. Ballots are in suitcases. President Trump refuses to concede. The pandemic rages on. It is pandemonium.

Trump continues the election fraud saga after the Electoral College Certification on 12/14/20. The Georgia runoff elections on 1/5/21 create a twist in the saga. Then the fateful day occurs; 1/6/21.

Relive the Trump Rally and Capitol Hill Riot in real-time; the QAnon Shaman, Zip Tie Man and tragically, five dead bodies. The riot, and republicans contesting the electoral college votes from several states, pushes the Congressional certification of the Biden win from 1/6/21 into the wee hours of the morning on 1/7/21.

The Trump impeachment follows on 1/13/21 and then the Trump departure and Biden inauguration on 1/20/21. It is a remarkable 80 days of American history chronicled in detail in real-time including Lady Gaga’s gold microphone. The book is an easy read and you will not be disappointed.

This book is for armchair political groupies, historians, teachers, students, journalists, reporters, writers, speakers, researchers, politicians, public officials, political hacks, television pundits, non-fiction enthusiasts and anyone that wants to relive the 80 crazy days of drama from the 2020 US election in early November 2020 through the Biden inauguration in mid-January 2021.

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