Sunday, August 3, 2014


Keybot the Quant remains short as a new week of trading is set to begin. The algo number is 39 points below the signal line so the bears are in full control. Watch UTIL 551.66 and JJC 38.89. Bulls need UTIL above 551.66 at anytime this week to stop the broad market bleeding. Bears need weaker copper sending JJC under 38.89 to receive more downside fuel taking the SPX to the low 1900's. Watch copper overnight since the broad indexes will likely move in the same direction come Monday.

For the SPX starting at 1925, the bears need to push under 1916.50 and a downside acceleration towards 1910 will occur in quick order. The bulls need to push above 1937 to signal the all-clear and mount a sustainable recovery rally. So the bears need 9 points lower while the bulls need 12 points higher. In the middle, through 1917-1936 is sideways action for Monday. Keybot does not print any pre-scheduled numbers this week. Last week was a very active week for the algorithm.

8/10/14; 7:00 PM EST =
8/3/14; 7:00 PM EST = -9; signal line is +30
8/1/14; 11:02 AM EST = -9; signal line is +32

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