Friday, May 27, 2016


Keybot the Quant remains long. The pre-scheduled number prints a short time ago and the bulls remain in charge with the algo number 24 points above the signal line. The algo number is above +80 and, since Keybot is an oscillator at its heart, this level reflects an overbot condition.

The bulls will confirm more upside juice for stocks with strength in copper. Bulls need JJC above 24.63 and new all-time record stock market highs are likely. Bears need weaker retail stocks to stop the stock market rally by pushing RTH under 75.71. If copper remains in the bear camp and retail in the bull camp, stocks will stagger along sideways with a slight upward bias.

After today's trading, US markets will not reopen until Tuesday. Markets are closed on Monday for the Memorial Day holiday. The bulls are steering the bus. EOM is Tuesday.

5/29/16; 7:00 PM EST =
5/27/16; 10:00 AM EST = +81; signal line is +57
5/25/16; 10:02 AM EST = +79; signal line is +57

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