Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Quarterly Reminder; Help the Unfortunate; Ad-Blocking Software Destroys Original Free Web Content

It is time for the Quarterly Reminder;

The ad-blocking software is destroying free original content on the internet. Bloggers are dropping like flies since there is zero incentive to spend time posting original information if the advertising income to the sites evaporate into nothing. For the KE Stone Series of Blogs, advertising income has been cut by two-thirds over the last 15 months. And this occurs as site viewership steadily grows week after week for the last three years. Humorously, the site enthusiasts  that want a clean view of websites without ads are the same folks asking why the original content and popular blogs are disappearing from the internet.

Remember to support the KE Stone Series of blogs with the button in the right margin to continue the free original content concerning global markets and world economics. Any amount will be put to good use. It is time for you cheapskates to pony up; it goes to a good cause. A few bucks from a few hundred of you will go a long way. This message is not directed to the loyal supporters to the site or past donators.

Regardless, and most importantly, remember to help your local food banks since there are lots of folks that are hungry in society, especially children. Some people are too proud to ask for help so the food bank is one discreet way they can receive aid and maintain dignity. Children need food in their bellies to learn properly. A hungry child becomes distracted easily. Go through your kitchen cupboards and load canned goods into a bag and donate it to your local food bank. Local Thrift Stores will also typically accept food donations.  Lots of people would appreciate receiving that can of beans or perhaps creamed corn that you no longer enjoy eating.

Also go through the closet and get rid of old clothes that are still in nice shape without any rips or stains and give them to the local Goodwill or Thrift Shop. The ladies there will be happy to receive any goods and it will help folks in need.

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