Sunday, November 6, 2016

October Publication of the Daily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics 2016-10 is Available from Amazon; NDX Record High; FB, GOOGL, MSFT, AMZN Record Highs; WFC Scandal; DB Trouble; FBI Reopens Clinton Email Investigation; Clinton and Trump POTUS Race Turns Dirty; Hurricane Mathew; Debates; ECB Taper Tantrum; Record M&A; Wikileaks

The October publication of theDaily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics 2016-10 is available through Amazon (AMZN). The epic market action continues.

October's Cover Highlights;
NDX (Nasdaq 100) RECORD HIGH 4905
WFC (Wells Fargo) SCANDAL
DB (Deutsche Bank) TROUBLE

The Nasdaq 100 Index, NDX, that holds the large high-tech stocks, prints a new all-time record high but the other indexes do not. Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon each print new record highs which supports the main stock indexes. The scandal and problems at Wells Fargo, WFC, continue. Deutsche Bank, DB, and the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese banks remain sick.

The US political race continues with the election on Tuesday, 11/8/16, now only hours away. Stocks rally and the peso strengthens (Mexican peso currency pair moves lower) when Clinton is leading the polls while stocks drop and the peso weakens (Mexican peso pair moves higher) when Trump surges in the polls. Americans will be unhappy no matter who wins but the country is unified in one thought--that the election cannot occur fast enough!

The October chronology explains the bombshell news in real-time when the FBI reopens the investigation into Clinton’s emails on Friday, 10/28/16, at 1 PM EST. Wall Street prefers Clinton as the next POTUS since she is in the back pocket of the investment banks. Clinton was paid lucrative fees for showing up at token luncheons hosted by Wall Street bigwigs. Clinton edged out Trump in the debates. The Wikileaks documents are hurting Clinton.

The central bankers continue to control the global stock markets. ECB President Draghi mentioned the word ‘taper’ for the ongoing easy money program which created a tantrum. The pound and FTSE Index are responding to drama with the Brexit (Britain exiting the European Union) process. OPEC continues to play games manipulating the oil market. Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity is at record levels.

The chronology explains the reaction in stocks, bonds and currencies to key events and economic data releases. If you are trying to make sense of the markets this is the resource for you. No other publication exists in this format where the stock, bond and currency moves are provided and explained as world events take place in real-time.

The chronology records economic history preventing revisionist tampering in future years. Many of the same asset managers telling everyone to go long the market in 2007-2008 repeat the same mantra in 2015-2016. The stock market topped out in May 2015 which placed anyone that listened to television pundits over the last couple years either flat or underwater on their long trades. The central banker go juice has pumped stocks higher from February of this year to present the indexes printing record highs in August and September and the NDX in early October rewarding those that blindly remain long with full confidence in the Federal Reserve’s Keynesian schemes.

Analyst and strategist quotes and words are recorded in the chronology so credit or disdain can be handed out in the future. If a multi-year top is printing, the chronology serves as the most accurate accounting of the stock market topping process ever recorded in economic and market historyThe chronology is the most reliable and easy to understand source for explaining global marketsThe chronology is very easy to read and avoids using fancy ten-dollar college words.

As always, all monthly publications of the Daily Chronology of GlobalMarkets and World Economics are available from the links in the margins or simply searching on Amazon or Google. The monthly publication contains updated information not posted on this web site as well as clarifications, edits and refinements to the ongoing daily blog text. (Note: Daily blog postings have been suspended due to inadequate support for the KE Stone blog sites by the thousands of international daily users; for now the valuable economic and market information provided by Keystone the Scribe is only available through Amazon electronic book sales.)

We are living through historic stock market and economic times. The daily chronology is the most accurate accounting on how the stock market tops and bottoms occur in real-time. The monthly publications are compatible with any electronic device and include an extensive Business Acronym List and Ticker Symbol List. The Acronym List is the most comprehensive business-related acronym list available on the internet. The chronology is not available in hard copy and only distributed around the world electronically.

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