Sunday, December 11, 2016

Quarterly Reminder

It is time for the Quarterly Reminder;

The KE Stone blogs, Keybot the Quant, The Keystone Speculator and Keystone the Scribe, only exist if supported by the tens of thousands of daily users around the world. During Keystone’s recent hiatus from the blogs, the emails came in at a fast and furious pace. Everyone did not want the information to stop. Fortunately, for the several hundred thousand international monthly followers of the sites, large and mid-sized donors stepped up and wanted the information to continue; many smaller donors as well which are greatly appreciated.

The quarterly reminders are never directed at the loyal supporters but instead directed at the broader readership. Any donation is welcome no matter how small but as the joke goes, big ones are even better. Keystone likes to see all users of the sites have skin in the game so even a couple bucks shows the willingness to support the information. If the blogs do not receive broad support and participation, they will end.

Many emails are constantly received requesting that the blog sites turn into a subscription-based service but Keystone has no interest in that; he takes it easy all day long. A subscription-based site is work, effort and responsibility, so, humorously, forget that. The blogs will continue as long as they are supported by a broad portion of the audience. If not, they end. So it is a very simple proposition.

Any site proceeds go to charities. Many families had a slightly better Thanksgiving since their tables were filled with more food. Keystone is helping an all-volunteer thrift shop in a nearby town, a very poor and destitute area that provides clothes and other products to help the disadvantaged. As the old saying’s go, “you can’t take money with you” when you croak and “money does not make you happy.” As you age, you realize that providing compassion to the disadvantaged and helping those in need is what provides eternal riches.

Thank you to all. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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