Monday, October 13, 2014


Keybot the Quant remains short as the stock market gives up the ghost collapsing through key support levels. The algo was active today printing five numbers. Continue watching UTIL 554.27. UTIL is above here all day long which helped create market lift today. However, this positivity was smacked in the face by retail stocks and the SPX. Watch RTH 62.13 which failed today causing negativity in equities. Also watch SPX 1895 as a key bull-bear line in the sand. Bears need UTIL under 554.27 and the stock market will collapse another leg lower. Bulls need either RTH above 62.13 and/or SPX above 1895 to create a relief rally.

For the SPX starting at 1875, the bears only need a smidge of red in the overnight S&P futures and another several-point acceleration lower is on tap. The bulls need to push above 1912 to regain their mojo, a difficult task, so instead the bulls will concentrate on keeping utilities, retail stocks and the SPX moving higher especially the SPX above 1895 which will create a stability and buoyancy to markets going forward. The bears are in charge.

10/17/14; 9:00 AM EST =
10/13/14; 3:24 PM EST = -37; signal line is -12
10/13/14; 1:51 PM EST = -23; signal line is -12
10/13/14; 12:32 PM EST = -7; signal line is -12 but algorithm remains short
10/13/14; 9:52 AM EST = -23; signal line is -13
10/13/14; 9:36 AM EST = -7; signal line is -12 but algorithm remains short
10/12/14; 7:00 PM EST = -23; signal line is -12

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