Saturday, December 1, 2018


Keybot the Quant is on the long side as the bulls and bears battle. The algo is tracking copper, utilities and banks. The key SPX 2751-2752 level was breached to the upside. Stock market bulls cheer and throw confetti since this level is the demarcation line between a cyclical bull and cyclical bear market. The fight will likely continue at this level.

The bulls are in charge with the algo number 26 points above the signal line. Utilities will likely add more bullish joy on Monday morning. UTIL 731.08 is a key bull-bear line in the sand for all of next week and utes are in position to blow up through here on Monday's opening bell.

The bulls are walking around with their chests puffed out. The meeting between President's Trump and Xi begins shortly (Saturday) and the two leaders will either be dancing the tango come later this evening, or, both will be doing the two-step out opposite doors. Obviously, the results of the meeting will move markets on Sunday evening and Monday. November is in the bag. Trading for December begins Monday. The Sunday and end-of-month (EOM) November pre-scheduled number prints tomorrow.

12/2/18; 7:00 PM EST EOM =
11/30/18; 3:13 PM EST = +10; signal line is -16
11/30/18; 11:43 AM EST = -4; signal line is -17
11/30/18; 11:16 AM EST = -20; signal line is -18 but algorithm remains long
11/29/18; 3:11 PM EST = -4; signal line is -18
11/29/18; 2:59 PM EST = +10; signal line is -19
11/28/18; 12:09 PM EST = -4; signal line is -19; go long 2721; (Benchmark SPX for 2018 = +1.8%)(Keybot algorithm program this trade = +1.5%; Keybot algo for 2018 = +5.1%)(Actual results this trade = +2.6%; Actual trading results for 2018 = +15.7%)

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