Thursday, January 17, 2019


Keybot the Quant remains long. The bulls are cruising with the algo number 22 points above the signal line but markets remain erratic and unstable. Banks rally providing market lift. Utilities remain weak creating market negativity. The VIX is battling at the key 19.39 bull-bear level ever since it opened at 3 AM EST this morning. Isn't it amazing that Keybot can identify these key levels before they occur? No other algorithm on Wall Street is capable of such feats.

The algo is tracking volatility, chips and copper as the key parameters impacting market direction. Bears need VIX above 19.39 to create market selling. Bears also need weaker chips, SOX below 1186.80 (now at 1187.19), which will flush the stock market lower. If both VIX and SOX turn bearish, and if the SPX drops below 2613, Keybot will likely flip short.

Bulls need to maintain lower volatility and higher semiconductors while boosting copper higher. Bulls need CPER above 16.93 (now at 16.74) to signal the all-clear for the upside rally. Copper futures are down -0.4% as this message is typed a few minutes before the opening bell.

The pre-scheduled number for this morning is cancelled because of the government shutdown which is impacting economic data feeds. VIX 19.39, SOX 1186.80 and CPER 16.93 tell you everything you need to know about stock market direction today.

1/20/19; 7:00 PM EST =
1/18/19; 10:00 AM EST =
1/17/19; 8:08 AM EST = +10; signal line is -12
1/17/19; 7:20 AM EST = -4; signal line is -14
1/17/19; 5:16 AM EST = +10; signal line is -14
1/17/19; 4:39 AM EST = -4; signal line is -15
1/17/19; 4:00 AM EST = +10; signal line is -15
1/17/19; 3:06 AM EST = -4; signal line is -16
1/16/19; 9:36 AM EST = +10; signal line is -16
1/14/19; 11:39 AM EST = -6; signal line is -18

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