Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Remember to Help the Needy

Always remember, it is better to help the needy than the greedy. With the end of summer at hand, and the cooler Fall, and colder winter weather on the way in the northern hemisphere, donate your old winter clothes to the local thrift shop. You know, that coat that no longer fits properly, that you said you would stop wearing at the end of last winter, or the coat that is no longer in style; it's time to donate it to the thrift store and let someone poor buy it for a couple bucks (maintaining their self-esteem and self-worth) and put it to good use. Kids need to be kept warm at the bus stops.

Clean out your closets and donate winter coats, tostle caps, hats, ear muffs, scarves, gloves and mittens to the local thrift shop. It is time to change out the summer clothes on the store floor and place the winter garb. Do not donate these wanted goods to the large well-known thrift store chain or chains. Instead, seek the local thrift shops since these stores are ran by volunteers that more directly help the poor in your community. The blue-haired gal's and silver-haired gentlemen there will be glad to accept your donations and see that the stuff is put to good use for the disadvantaged folks in your community.

Also, it is time go through the pantry and kitchen cabinets. There are canned goods you know you will never eat. Place them, and for that matter, the rest of your canned goods, in a bag and take them to the local food bank or thrift store. You can go out and restock with the stuff you like and the poor will be grateful for all of the canned goods. Going to bed hungry is something you will never understand unless you have lived-it or are living it now. Poor, disadvantaged and lower middle class children, with empty stomachs, do not learn as well as upper middle class and wealthy kids with full bellies.

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