Saturday, May 25, 2019


Keybot the Quant remains short through the Memorial Day weekend. US stocks do not trade again until Tuesday morning, 5/28/19, at 9:30 AM EST. The quant idled through the Friday session without printing any numbers. The bears remain in control with the algo number 24 points below the signal line.

As mentioned in the previous post, XLF, VIX and GTX remain bearish, and the NYA index bullish, so the stock market chops along with more whipsaw slop. The bulls need stronger banks (XLF) to prove they have the beans to take the stock market higher. The bears need the NYA index to move lower which will signal major stock market trouble ahead.

5/26/19; 7:00 PM EST =
5/23/19; 3:24 PM EST = +8; signal line is +32

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